Iantst is important to understand that ants typically nest in large and sometimes very large colonies. When a home owner uses sprays they buy at the grocery store to treat an ant problem, they can sometimes make extermination an even larger problem. When non-professional grade sprays are used, sometimes an ant colony will split the nest and move to a number of locations complicating and exacerbating an ant intrusion problem.

Our professional ant control technicians may use gel baits, sprays, granules, or a combination to treat your ant problem at the root. By allowing the worker ants to carry our professional-grade materials to their nest, the whole colony is killed; effectively solving your problem with nuisance ants. However, without proactive treatment new ant colonies can intrude into your living space again from the outside. This is why we highly recommend a routine servcice plan  when it comes to ants, as we not only kill the existing ant colony but make sure new colonies don’t get started.

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