Hemlock Woolly

hemlock-woollyThe Hemlock Woolly’s preferred host tree is hemlock, but it may also attack spruce.

Tree Effects
The Hemlock Woolly nymphs and adults feed on sap from the tree’s twigs. The tree drops its needles and, if left uncontrolled, the adelgid can kill a tree within a year.


A tree infested with Hemlock Woolly will exhibit gray-green needles and cotton-like wool tufts under the needles. By frequently inspecting trees for signs of Hemlock Woolly, a homeowner can intervene in a timely manner and possibly prevent the tree from dying by calling an expert.

All Purpose Exterminating can mechanically remove both eggs and adults by spraying the twigs with water or pruning the most heavily infested branches from the tree. An infested tree can be successfully treated any time except when needles emerge. Spray the affected tree thoroughly with horticultural oil. Horticultural oils are highly effective in killing adelgids, yet relatively safe to the applicator, beneficial insects, and the environment.

To prevent infestation, homeowners should place all bird feeders away from hemlock trees because birds, as well as squirrels and deer, can spread the adelgid from tree to tree. Since the adelgid affects stressed trees more quickly, homeowners should water their hemlocks in drought.

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